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COD finest hour here! CLICK THIS OR DIE!!!!!

COD war fourm
see ya then!!

COD finest hour war

2010-09-25 14:04:55 by bisker191

go to 00568 and post.First 15 will be in the war with me.Start posting!

Art callab ideas

2010-09-24 19:06:42 by bisker191

When i become a better computer artist i will start an art callab so i can lso contribute.and aso plz scout me when i make art i need it plz i wish to serve ng!!!!!!!!!!1111111!1!!!!111!!!!

back on newgrounds

2010-08-08 12:55:57 by bisker191

i have been off newgrounds for abot 5 months but im going back on and also the idea list for kingdom hearts 3 i cant send because of a messaging system thing and it keeps trying but no results so PM me if you want to try dending it and i will PM u the ideas from the tread i started

looking for xbox

2010-01-28 18:55:06 by bisker191

im looking for an xbox from $0-$200 with games sold sepretly so if you get one i am in need of 1
only buying from Febuary 1st to May 1st

plz include:
phone/cell #
games you are offering
price for xbox
optional:price for games


2009-12-22 18:58:24 by bisker191

i hope everyone has one and also i need some muisic for an upcoming (possible) flash i had in mind
so i would like help with that also thx and once again merry christmas


2009-12-09 15:56:35 by bisker191

my first ban and is 4 a month >=(

bisker191 chrises

2009-11-25 17:50:58 by bisker191

hey guys if you see any other place with bisker191 as a username plz tell me

plz i need some ideas to contrubute to a flash i might make(i will accept E&T ideas)and also i need a website with flash making stuff plz comment