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Hooked On Black Ops

2011-06-24 21:45:04 by bisker191

I'm playing CoD BO for wii now.If you want to join my clan, PM me and I'll see what I can do!

I got a voice recorder

2011-03-21 16:23:58 by bisker191

I can finally do some voice acting and be a part of a collab

Calling All KH Fans

2010-11-29 17:47:07 by bisker191

you to get me a funny Kairi voice.Post their user and first one posted gets it
Update:I need voice recorder.If I get one for Christmas then I will be able to post it.

YouTube Account

2010-11-26 09:23:39 by bisker191

Here's the link

I have 2 vids so far more to come

My Art

2010-10-30 21:16:01 by bisker191

Who likes it. Come on, don't be shy.Tell me your most honest opinion.To me my art looks great.

Need People

2010-10-26 20:15:30 by bisker191

I need people to help me run Organization 13. If you are willing to help that would be great PM me or just comment and I will tell you if I pick you or not


2010-10-22 16:30:50 by bisker191

I was banned from the BBS for 3 days for my opinion about the new NG rules for collabs!


Gone to Play guitar hero

2010-10-03 12:02:46 by bisker191

be back when ever

Gone to Play guitar hero

ART Callab sign up

2010-10-01 19:56:54 by bisker191

post or pm me to get invoved in my art callab and show me the picture if you pm me
also NO ADULT ART!!!Only T+Language or partial nudity


2010-10-01 19:51:21 by bisker191 01911 is a art callab thread.If you have any questions pm me i awnser asap